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The Basics

The first window that pops up when you run the editor allows you to choose which project you wish to store all your content in (where you want to save levels to etc.)


Any project you choose must have a Content Project which has a reference to EnginePipeline.dll:


Importing Models

For models to be usable in the editor, you must either import them using the editor or build them with Visual Studio with the following settings :


To import models using the editor, first go to the Model tab on the right hand side and click Import Assets.

When the window pops up click either Select Files to select individual models or Select Folder to import an entire folder of models. Then click Import and all your models will be built and will show up in the Models Tab.


If you have imported any models using the editor, you will need to build the project you are editing using visual studio before you next connect to it again using the editor!

When importing models which contain transparent textures like trees you will need to change the default effect from BasicEffect to AlphaTestEffect in visual studio:

Opaque Model:


Alpha Mapped Model:


Adding Models to the Scene

To add models to the scene, go to the models tab and double click on which model you would like add to your scene. Use the combo box on the top menu bar to change how the model is placed.


When running the editor the controls should be quite simple to use:
  • Press the W, A, S and D keys to move around.
  • Hold right mouse button to look around.
  • Use the mouse wheel to scroll forward.

Video Tutorials

I have uploaded a few webinars which will hopefully make it clear to see how to use the editor:

Further Notes

It should be noted that models imported using the editor will be added to the Content Project that it is connected to but will not be built ; Before running the editor you should build the project you are about to connect to!

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